Kid Nepro Releases New Patch Collection for MKS80

Continuing their support for discontinued and vintage synthesizers, Kid Nepro has announced their third volume of patches for the MKS80.

The new MKS80 soundbank is filled with Synth Pads, Analog Synths and Special Effects using the MKS LFO's. Steve Proto, founder of Kid Nepro, said "The MKS80 is a blast to program and I have had lot's of fun working on this soundbank. It's also very difficult to program from the front panel without the MPG80 programmer or a software editing program. I've been using MOTU's "Unisyn" to program our sounds on our Mac G4 and it's helped me tweak the most out of the MKS. I've also recorded several new tracks for our MP3 demos using the new MKS sounds along with some of our Korg Karma rhythm tracks. The blend of the analog and digital synths produces a great mix. There is nothing like the sound of a real analog synth. That's why the MKS is still widely sought after and commands a high price on the used synth market."

Kid Nepro knows that many keyboard players and producers would like to have the sounds of a real vintage synth available for them to use with their software or hardware sampler, so they have also sampled many of the MKS sounds. They are available in WAV, Akai or Kontakt formats. It's the closest you can get to the real thing.

MKS80 Vol #3 is available in Mac or PC sysex format and also as a Standard Midi File that you can load into the MKS using your sequencer program. Kid Nepro also provides a free Mac or PC sysex program that use can use to bulk dump the sounds into the MKS80.

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