Kjaerhus Audio Introduces GAC-1 Golden Audio Channel

New from Kjaerhus Audio is the Golden Audio Channel | GAC-1, a dual processing channel strip plug-in for Windows.

The Golden Audio Channel | GAC-1 features two equalizers, two compressors, a noise-gate and a de-esser. The internal effects are interconnected with ten selectable routings, including normal instrument setups, dual band setups, and special setups like mid-side processing and compression based on side chain filtering. With the double EQ and Compressor architecture, the GAC-1 offers sound possibilities that are not possible with single processing. Three versions are available: stereo, stereo with side chain, and mono with side chain. There is no latency, which makes this the ideal tool for real time performance in the studio or on stage.

The GAC-1 is the result of many months of development. Though Kjaerhus Audio already has an equalizer and compressor in the Gold Series, those algorithms are not just reused. The GAC-1 contains brand new proprietary algorithms developed especially for this plugin, based on the core values of the Gold Series.

For more information, visit their web site at www.kjaerhusaudio.com.