Korg Announces the C-720 Digital Concert Piano

A new digital concert piano will soon be available from Korg. The C-720 ($4,900) digital concert piano features a realistic 88-note graded hammer action keyboard and real piano sounds.

Korg has announced the C-720 ($4,900) digital concert piano, which features a realistic 88-note graded hammer action keyboard and real piano sounds. The C-720 will be available in mid-November 2006, just in time for the holidays.

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Korg used stereo-sampling techniques to convey the natural imaging and nuances of a concert grand piano, including the sound of a key being released and a hammer returning, as well as the sympathetic damper resonance of the strings. And like a real piano, the C-720's keys are progressively lighter toward the upper end of the keyboard. Adjustable Velocity allows you to tailor the action to your playing style, and the pedal section (damper, soft, sostenuto) offers half-pedaling response for a real acoustic feel.

The C-720's 40 sounds are grouped by instrument type, ranging from acoustic pianos to harpsichord and clavinets, organ, electric piano, and various stringed instruments. You can insert effects such as multiple reverb and chorus for each sound.

Additional temperaments (Equal, Kirnberger, Werckmeister, Arabic, Pythagorian, and more) are available, as well as 20 built-in demo songs and 185 classical piano pieces in which the left and right hand can be played back separately as a study aid.

Furthermore, the C-720 includes MIDI in/out, a USB port, an audio in/out jack, dual headphone outputs, a 2-track recorder with save functions, 4 internal speakers, and a 16-character backlit LCD display.