Melville, NY – January 18th, 2018 – The KR-55 Pro is a simple to use, comprehensive rhythm machine, with real recorded drum grooves and mixer/recorder functionality. Equipped with Korg’s “Real Groove Technology”, which uses actual data recorded from professional drummers at various tempos, the KR-55 Pro contains technology never seen before in a conventional drum machine. 


Packed with 24 high-quality rhythm styles, each fine-tuned to accurately reproduce the sound and experience of playing with a percussionist, this rhythm machine can provide simple, straight-forward drum tracking for musicians of any genre. Each style includes multiple patterns, providing accompaniment for endless recording, thanks to the sophisticated chain function. 

“For musicians who want the organic sound of a real drummer, without the hassle of programming a drum machine or having to deal with an unreliable drummer, nothing beats the KR-55 Pro,” says Nick Kwas, lead Product Specialist at Korg USA

The KR-55 also includes an audio player function that can play back audio files from an SD card. The Acoustage, Korg’s virtual surround technology, creates a personal acoustic stage, an experience unattainable from previous systems. Utilizing the Acoustage on the KR-55 Pro turns the rhythm machine into a high-quality listening system. 

The KR-55 Pro will be available January 2018 for $299.99 and comes with a Korg tuner and metronome built in, as well as pedal control for hands-free rhythm/recording.