Korg Legacy Collection

Objective: Process DAW tracks in novel, and perhaps even twisted, ways. Background: Korg’s MS-20FX lets you use the MS-20 as a VST-compatible signal processor plug-in. Although the Big Deal is that you can access the MS-20’s distinctive filter, an envelope follower, pitch follower, and trigger section — and patch bay! — allow you to do far more than just that.

1. Insert the MS-20FX as a track plug-in, then click on the Edit button.

2. With the default patch, the Frequency-to-Voltage Converter that tracks the input signal feeds the VCO 1 and 2 control inputs. Turn up the VCO level controls to hear the oscillators tracking the audio signal pitch (or trying to, in the case of complex signals), and play with the oscillator-related controls. Wild stuff!

3. The sound of the oscillator being constantly on might be a drag, so let’s gate it. The default patch has Envelope Generator 2 feeding the VCA. To add a percussive gating effect, turn down all the EG2 controls, and turn up the Decay Time to suit.

4. To adjust the trigger sensitivity, tweak the Threshold control.

5. Still not weird enough for you? Okay, let’s have EG2 control the Lowpass filter, too. First, remove the patch cord connecting EG1 to the LP filter (click on the end, and drag away from the “jack.”

6. Adjust the Lowpass Filter’s cutoff to the lowest desired frequency, Peak to the right amount of bite, then turn up EG2/Ext so it kicks open the filter by the desired amount.