Korg releases software updates for prologue, KROSS2 and volca series

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Korg has announced major updates for several of their synths, as well as their Audiogate software, free to all current prologue, KROSS2 and volca users. 

The 2.0 system update for prologue includes support for microtuning, support for MIDI aftertouch transmission, upgraded arpeggiator functions, wet/dry mix control refinements, original value indication, and more. 

The prologue Sound Librarian has also been updated with new key features and functions. Korg has also released the sound set from the KROSS2-88MB which includes the additional “Future Classic” sounds as found in the Kross2 Neon Limited Edition. All-new PCM and sounds geared towards modern music- making, along with new pianos, electric pianos, drum kits and much more, are now available to all KROSS2 owners via the update. 

Additionally, ten of the eleven volca models can now be updated to give users more control over Korg’s Audio Sync features. In the software domain, Korg has released version 4.5.2. of their AudioGate Music Player and Audio Conversion software, which adds numerous recording, playback, and conversion features, support for numerous additional DSD formats, phono EQ curves, and drag and drop playlist registration.

For more information on the product updates, visit www.korg.com.