Korg Releases Updated Version of Electribe-S

Korg has released the ES-1mkII, an updated version of its Electribe-S Rhythm Production Sampler. The updated version includes an enhanced sound set, an

Korg has released the ES-1mkII, an updated version ofits Electribe-S Rhythm Production Sampler. The updated version includesan enhanced sound set, an all-new Modulation Delay effect, and a ruggedmetal case. The ES-1mkII also offers 95 seconds of mono sampling timeand can store 100 samples in memory. Sounds may be sampled through anyof 11 effects, including the new Modulation Delay. There is also aMaster Delay control for adding tempo-synched digital delay.

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The unit's real-time resample function allows you to create newloops from complete phrases being played on the ES-1mkII, as well asapply effects to previously recorded samples, without a compromise inaudio quality. The Time Slice feature allows you to vary phrase temposwithout affecting pitch.

A 16-step pattern grid is included for creating parts or forreal-time recording, and the ES-1mkII offers nine mono parts. Parts canbe linked to support stereo samples, and two parts can function as anexclusive group. There are 128 patterns, many featuring new samples,and the patterns can be strung together and saved as a Song (16 Songsare provided).

Korg’s proprietary Motion Sequence function allows knob tweaksto be recorded as part of a rhythm pattern. The Effect Motion Sequencefunction records changes made to effects parameters, and the DelayMotion Sequence controls the overall Master Delay. Other performancefeatures include Pattern Sets (for arranging Patterns across the 16Step Keys), Tap Tempo, and the ability to mute and solo parts.

The ES-1mkII has a 1/4-inch stereo input with a Line/Mic levelswitch, a Gain control, dual mono 1/4-inch outputs, a 1/4-inch stereoheadphone jack, and MIDI In, Out, and Thru. The ES-1mkII also includesa Smart Media slot for storing samples, Songs, and Patterns, or forloading AIFF and WAV files. Power is supplied with 9V AC adapter. Formore information, visit www.korg.com.