Kosmology FreeFall Released and Kosmology updated to v1.2

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Kosmology FreeFall Released and Kosmology updated to v1.2

Instead of releasing a demo or lite/restricted version of Kosmology, FreeFall is a full product gathering Sampled Instruments from across all Kosmology and Kosmos releases and best of all it is totally Free! It's hoped that it will expose more people to the immense power of Kosmology itself as a compositional & performance tool and bring in some revenue to fund further Script Development.

To celebrate this release, there are also 25 coupons available to get 25% off any of the Kosmology or Kosmos Libraries, just enter FREEFALL25 at the checkout to apply the discount.

Kosmology is an advanced and unique Sequencing system which takes Kontakt Scripting to the edge. It involves 8 duplicated instances A-H which can be switched in real-time via a midi Keyboard and so can be jammed and recorded on a midi track. Each instance has 48 adjustable parameters, a pitch/velocity sequencer as well as 5 assignable sequencers which can be assigned to a large selection of destinations such as Waveforms, Sample start, Filter Cutoff, Resonance, Note Length etc... Each of the instances is a unique entity and so each can be anything from subtle to wildly different. The creative possibilities are almost endless!

The Synth is based on a dual Oscillator design each with it's own selectable filter type, each 'Waveform' can also be Wave Sequenced individually or together by assigning to a Sequencer, which in itself offers a huge resource of possibilities before even considering sequencing pitch of start position.

Also included is a Kosmology Lite Script which uses just a single engine for a more delicate and sparser sound.

Visit the Kosmology FreeFall page for more information. The other Kosmology releases are Awakenings, Evolution and Analog.

Kosmology v1.2 Update

Metropolis is a Script introduced with all v1.2 Kosmology Releases and basically removes the Sequencers from Kosmology leaving 8 Instances of playable instruments with total control over 47 parameters, so that each Instance can be switched in real-time. This opens up the Kosmology Samples to be used in a more traditionally playable instrument context. It is compatible with all Kosmology Presets and will just load the relevant data. It maintains the Globals for use in Automation as well as the programmable triggers. There are also some individual randomizers on the options page and the ability to restrict what will be randomized with the main Synth/LFO Randomize.

Although the Kosmology Samples were not designed to be used as traditional instruments, there are some real Gems to be had especially as 2 can be layered up for each instance.

The Kosmology script has also been updated with a 'W' Randomize button which will randomize just the Waveforms. Also an option has been added to the master menu to prevent the Synth Sections being randomized when using the Global Randomize button.

The Kosmology update is available to download now.