KV331 Audio SynthMaster Player

You’ll be happy you fell for a player
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iPad owners have scads of soft synths to choose from. Let’s face it, though, some are wildly superior to others. One of the very best we’ve heard is SynthMaster Player, an iOS edition of the Macand Windows-based SynthMaster that excels in its versatility.

SynthMaster Player’s most outstanding feature is a multitude of dynamite sounds. Two hundred top-shelf presets get you going, and you have the option to buy hundreds more. For the best bang for the buck, get 800 additional presets by upgrading to the Pro version. If you own SynthMaster for the Mac or Windows, you can export all your preset banks to your iPad, even the ones you’ve created yourself. Although Player doesn’t accommodate the deep patch-customizing capabilities of the full-tilt version, it lets you edit enough parameters to make it do your bidding. Whenever the job calls for a synth on your iPad, SynthMaster Player rounds all the bases.