Lars Horntveth, Kaleidoscopic (Smalltown Supersound)

Read the Remix review of Lars Horntveth's 37-minute composition, Kaleidoscopic, out on Smalltown Supersound. By Christine Hsieh.

Orchestrals from Jaga Jazzist master
The wistful opening notes of Kaleidoscopic languish uncertainly, backed by tremulous strings as the sound swell opens into a lush sweep of melody before pulling back again. And so it goes with Horntveth''s 37-minute composition recorded with the Latvian National Orchestra. Vignettes surface and dissolve, pizzicato begins and ends tentatively, and warbly keys step forward and recede. When the tremolos give way to firmer melodies, the piece hangs on the verge of coalescing. But just as quickly, the crowd disperses and we''re left with a haunting, forlorn coda that fades away. [4 out of 5 stars]