Lauten Audio Ships New Studio Microphones

Lauten Audio is shipping a trio of new models to its professional studio microphone line.
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Lauten Audio has added a trio of new models to its studio microphone line: the Oceanus LT-381, the Clarion FC-357, and the Torch ST-221.

The Oceanus LT-381 ($1,599) is a tube condenser microphone that features a large dual-diaphragm capsule; NOS military grade pentode input; transformer-less triode output; and variable omnidirectional, cardioid, and figure-8 polar patterns.

The Torch ST-221 ($1,499 per pair), on the other hand, is a small diaphragm tube microphone that comes only in pairs. These mics have interchangeable cardioid and omnidirectional capsules, NOS military grade vacuum tubes, and high-resolution electronics.

Lastly, the Clarion FC-357 ($799) is a solid-state multipattern large diaphragm condenser microphone that produces a classic and modern FET sound. It features Class-A electronics and a dual-diaphragm capsule capable of omnidirectional, cardioid, and figure-8 polar patterns. In addition, the Clarion has a three-position attenuation and gain switch.

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