Learn to Remix it Like a Record

  Auraleo and FaderPro.com announce interactive remixing course with Vincent DiPasquale and Steven Lee

Advanced Learning and FaderPro.com, producers of pioneering video training products, announce Remix It Like A Record, an interactive remixing course taught by multi-platinum remixer and producer Vincent DiPasquale, together with world-renowned DJ, producer and remixer Steven Lee, and created in collaboration with pioneering educator and Grammy-winning mixer Charles Dye.

Remix It Like A Record is a comprehensive remixing course, where DiPasquale (Madonna, Nelly Furtado, Mariah Carey, Timbaland) and Lee (Lee-Cabrera, Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Strictly Rhythm) teach the art and craft of creating a cutting-edge, modern remix. Developed in partnership with Dye (Shakira, Lauryn Hill, Ricky Maritn, Jon Bon Jovi), whose critically acclaimed Mix It Like A Record course established an entirely new level of advanced training videos.

"Three years ago, Charles Dye achieved what many thought was impossible, to teach people how to get record quality mixes in their project studios with his Mix It Like A Record video course," says DiPasquale. "Building upon his incredible success, Steven and I are very excited to team up with him to tackle the art of the remix in Remix It Like A Record."

In this new course the user will learn how to create solid grooves, build attention grabbing vocal edits, and develop trademark sonic treatments that really make a remix stand out. And all of these lessons are demonstrated using DiPasquale and Lee's latest remix for Nadia Ali, the unforgettable voice of the group "iiO" and one of the most recognizable artists in dance music today.

"Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to learn by working with some of the most talented producers on the planet," continues DiPasquale. "And people are constantly asking me if they can sit in and watch during a remix. Now they can, as we remix a song together for an actual project."

The course covers every aspect of remixing, including dissecting the original song, explaining the importance of tempo, time-stretching vocals, exploring the foundation of every remix the beat and bass, creating feature and accent keyboard parts, understanding song and vocal arrangement, mix buss processing, all the way through to the finished mix.

"What sets Remix It Like A Record apart is that by following each step you'll produce the exact same remix we did in the studio on your system," says Lee. "We start you off exactly where we did, with only the vocals, and from there we build the remix up, one track at a time, from a blank project to a full blown professional remix. Vince teaches you every single step of the process, and by following along with the provided sessions, you'll be able to recreate the exact same result we delivered to the record label."

Remix It Like A Record is intended to essentially provide the user with the "cheat sheet" to learning music production. It is DiPasquale, Lee and Dye's goal to reveal the secrets of how full-time music pros make records. And their intent that once a user follows each step of the course, they'll have the confidence to apply those same steps in their future productions.

"What I love most about this course is Vince's teaching style," says Dye. "He really does an impressive job of explaining exactly how and why he made each decision along the way to creating this absolutely amazing remix. And Steven's dance floor perspective gives incredible insight into the essential elements of a potent remix that will move people on the dance floor and make DJ's want to play again and again. I learned a lot from Vincent and Steven, and I'm already applying their techniques on my latest projects."

Remix It Like A Record is designed for new or experienced remixers, producers, engineers, or musicians who want to learn the inside secrets to getting big sounding remixes on any digital audio workstation. Currently in production with an early 2009 release date, Remix It Like A Record can be pre-ordered for a limited time at a 20% discount.

For more information, visit: http://www.auraleo.com and http://www.faderpro.com