Leoné MusicReader Announces MusicReader Sheet Music Software

Leoné MusicReader has announced MusicReader sheet music software.
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The Dutch company Leoné MusicReader has announced MusicReader (Windows XP/Vista) sheet music software.

The software allows you to view and store digital versions of sheet music, as well as "write" on the music if your computer has a pen and touch screen. Digital sheet music files can be converted to MusicReader, and paper sheet music can be digitized with the MusicConvert scanning and conversion program. Once your files are stored in MusicReader, you can organize them using the software's music library.

Two versions of MusicReader are available: Solo Basic and Solo Pro. Solo Basic offers annotation, navigation, and music conversion; whereas Solo Pro has all those features plus full-screen and two-page display, measure detection, and a tuner/metronome/music player.

Try out a free trial of MusicReader at www.musicreader.net.