Lightning Boy Audio Introduces the 1401 Stereo Microphone Amp & the Ghost Box

Versatile All Tube Stereo Microphone Preamp
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Hamburg, NY – (www.lightningboyaudio) Lightning Boy Audio (LBA) recently announced the availability of 1401 Stereo Microphone Amp and the Ghost Box, a combination that forms a versatile all tube stereo microphone preamp.

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Through the use of high quality components such as NOS paper in oil capacitors, NOS tubes, Carnhill iron and the careful layout of point-to-point wiring, the 1401 Preamp (short name) and the Ghost Box command a vast stereo image with the kind of fidelity that can only be called - rare.

The 1401 Preamp’s front panel features gain and passive treble controls for 2 channels. Not exactly the typical layout of a mic preamp. The preamp was designed to serve as the output amplifier for the LBA 1401 Analog Plate Reverb, but with the addition of the Ghost Box, the 1401 Preamp is capable of serving most tracking needs in the studio. The Ghost Box provides Phantom power, phase invert switches and passive low cut switches for 2 channels.

The Ghost Box offers a revolutionary new take on Phantom Power, which utilizes a 6X4WA Rectifier tube to create 48v DC and an NE-16 Neon Regulator tube to regulate the voltage. As with all LBA gear, no solid state components are ever used. The Ghost Box brings out a unique tonal variation in any condenser mic powered by it.

The 1401 Stereo Microphone Amp and the Ghost Box were just released on April 1st and can be ordered directly from our website at There are several demo videos there as well.

About Lightning Boy Audio.
Lightning Boy Audio, has a rich history of building outstanding recording studio equipment and revolutionary equipment modifications. Every LBA creation is hand wired point to point and features hand-made components, NOS paper in oil capacitors, and NOS tubes to provide exceptional audio quality for the most discerning audio professionals. For more information, please visit