Lightning Boy Audio Introduces the VOG Plate Reverb

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Lightning Boy Audio (LBA) recently announced the availability of the Voice of the Gods (VOG) plate reverb.

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The VOG is an analog stereo plate reverb inspired by the classic EMT plate reverb first introduced in 1957. At just over 5 feet tall and 8 feet wide and weighing in at nearly 400 pounds, VOG allows your recordings to shimmer with the natural beauty of a real stereo plate reverb. Add the detailed and rich warm analog sound that emulators and plug ins simply can't achieve. Lightning Boy Audio takes a classic concept to a new level of high fidelity with our hand wired class A tube amplifiers.

The adjustable dampening panel on the VOG allows the reverb decay time to be set anywhere between 2 to 5 seconds, either manually, or with the optional motorized remote control. The VOG Driver Amplifier is a class A 15 watt mono tube amp. It delivers rich single-ended tube tone, and features passive EQ controls for bass and treble with also a volume control to push the reverb driver. The Driver Amp is loaded with NOS EL84, 12AX7 and 6X4 vacuum tubes, paper in oil caps and the finest audio transformers available. The VOG Output Amplifier is a class A push pull stereo tube amp with separate volume controls and offers the flexibility to connect to the FX return on a mixing board or to the inputs of an A/D converter for digital mixing. A matching pair of high quality NOS 6922 vacuum tubes, a NOS 6X4 vacuum tube, and premium audio transformers round out the output amp.

Lightning Boy Audio recently completed a VOG install at Schwab Music, a Mixing and Mastering studio located on the north side of Chicago. For a series of videos chronicling the process leading up to the install and to find out more about the Voice of the Gods reverb and the additional options available, visit