Liine Announces AB Lemur Bundle - Including Free Templates for All Lenmur iOS Owners

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AB Lemur Bundle is the first of the series. Available now as a free download, the package presents three Lemur templates by master designer Antonio Blanca, a force to bereckoned with when it comes to interface design. He's created Lemur templates for many popular Reaktor factory ensembles. We present here three of these beautiful and unique creations which are sure to inspire musicians, composers and sound designers alike. They come bundled with adapted ‘Lemurized’ versions of the original Reaktor ensembles allowing for full Lemur control via OSC. Best of all, AB Lemur Bundle is completely free of charge.

Sound designers Richard Devine, Antonio Blanca and Miguel Isaza have contributed sound examples to further enhance your Lemur multi-touch experience.

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More details on the three templates:

Lemurized L3

Lemurized L3 is the ultimate interface for programming and performing beat slicing. Not only can you re-order the slices and sequence effect parameters, you can sequence different patterns and samples. Experiment and use it on any kind of loop in your arsenal.

Lemurized Skrewell

Skrewell is an abstract, noise-based drone machine. Use the accompanying Lemur template to shape it and give it a life of its own. The clear layout and cool-grey colour scheme makes it easy and fun to shape your soundscapes.

Lemurized Spacedrone

Another deep Reaktor soundtool, this one certainly lives up to its name. The range of sounds this ensemble can produce are profound and the Lemur controller template really lets you harness this power. The Breakpoint objects are put to great use as modulators. Turn the physics on, hit record and explore the range of morphing sounds.