Line 6 GearBox Plug-In Gold 3.10 (Bonus)

Line 6 GearBox Plug-In Gold 3.10 is a modeling plug-in bundle for the Mac and Windows.

This online bonus material supplements the Line 6 GearBox Plug-In Gold 3.10 review in the December 2007 issue of Electronic Musician.

Silver and Gold

GearBox Plug-In Silver ($299.99 MAP) gives you the same collection of models that all TonePort users get with GearBox: 18 guitar amps, 24 guitar cabinets, 5 bass amps, 5 bass cabinets, and 29 stompbox and rackmount effects. The Gold bundle gives you 78 guitar amps, 24 guitar cabinets, 28 bass amps, 22 bass cabinets, and 80 effects. Both bundles also supply models of six mic preamps and four modeled mic options for each cabinet. If you buy Silver, you can later purchase additional Model Packs (Bass Expansion, Collector Classics, FX Junkie, Metal Shop, and Power Pack) to upgrade to Gold. Gold isn''t cheap, but buying it is more economical than buying Silver and then buying all the Model Packs.

Crank It Up

Installation was just slightly convoluted. After running the installer and restarting my computer, I ran the Line 6 Monkey application, as instructed, which offered to download and install an update. I ran Monkey again and plugged in the TonePort DI. A dialog box instructed me to click on the Activate Feature button to complete installation. About a minute later, another dialog box told me to disconnect the interface and reconnect it after five seconds. To download additional updates, I had to create a Line 6 account using Monkey. Then I was able to update drivers (which required another restart), and then download and install GearBox Plug-In 3.10.

ToneDirect Monitoring

Using a scheme that Line 6 calls ToneDirect monitoring, the monitor outputs allow you to hear your guitar''s signal processed by GearBox with almost no latency—certainly less than if you were monitoring through a sequencer track. The two monitor outs let you hear your mono input processed in stereo. The volume knob affects only the monitor outs and not the DI out, which means you can connect the DI directly to powered monitors. If you''re using a separate audio interface, the DI output lets you route an unprocessed signal directly to your sequencer track, whereupon it''s processed by the plug-in. I connected the DI to three inputs on my MOTU 2408mk3 audio interface. I wasn''t thrilled about giving up three of its eight analog inputs, but one of them had already been connected to my guitar preamp, and the advantages of ToneDirect were worth the sacrifice.