LinPlug Announces The Release Of The Octopus Dual Matrix Synthesizer

LinPlug, together with Maxx Claster and several renowned sound designers, have created the Octopus VST and AU synthesizer plugin. The instrument has a stunning array of features, the highlights of which are an all-in-one edit screen with one matrix for FM and another matrix for general modulation, and more than 420 presets from BIG!TONE, ProSounds, Summa and Tim Conrardy. These features make the Octopus the first choice for the musician looking for an exceptional and easy-to-use FM synthesizer.

The main features of the Octopus are:

  • 2 independent sound generation modules (Oscillators and Sampler)
  • 8 additive oscillators with each containing up to 32 harmonics
  • Each oscillator's spectrum is fully-editable and has sample-analysis capability
  • Additive oscillators can be configured for 8-oscillator FM synthesis
  • Waveforms can be easily edited by the user and new waveforms can be created in seconds
  • Matrix-FM with 8 oscillators, full cross-modulation, and adjustable feedback for any oscillator
  • 8-slot sampler with adjustable keyboard range
  • Sampler loads WAV/AIFF samples up to 24bit/192kHz
  • 2 independent multimode filters with modulatable cutoff and resonance
  • Filters are available as FM sources
  • Up to 32 envelopes with up to 64 host-syncable segments, free-run, loop and adjustable slope (curve)
  • Envelope matrix offers modulation of amplitude, mix, panning, pitch, frequency, phase of any oscillator and filter cutoff and resonance
  • Graphical envelope editor with advanced editing capabilities
  • Envelopes can be scaled to keyboard and velocity independently
  • A stereo effects section containing 4 effects units including chorus, delay, reverb and a 4-band parametric equalizer
  • Warm, tube-like distortion
  • Full microtonal capabilities (TUN/Scala support)
  • 2 sophisticated 32-step sequencers
  • Unison and Glide
  • 12-voice polyphony (CPU-dependent) with adjustable voice limit
  • Fully recognizes Velocity, Aftertouch, Pitch bend, Modwheel and various other MIDI controllers
  • Envelopes, oscillator waves, sequences, and complete sound programs can be saved to disk and loaded from disk

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