LinPlug Ceases Development; Plug-ins Now $49 Each

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After about 17 years and quite a few interesting products, plug-in instrument company LinPlug has ceased development of its products, citing personal reasons for pursuing different career paths. LinPlug instruments and expansion packs will remain on sale for the reduced prices of $49 each for plug-ins and $9.99 each for expansion, however, those products will no longer be supported or developed.

Peter Linsener, the founder and CEO of LinPlug, issued a statement on this move for the company: “This is mainly my personal decision. As much as I still love audio, I love video and photography. When I started LinPlug there was almost nothing on the market and we created many instruments to support musicians. We (mainly Pavol and I) have followed our mission to bring quality, innovation and service to the computer musician for long. But at some point I found that there is already everything available that’s needed. I found market moved in the newer, bigger, crazier direction to gain attention and sales. To make it short, I feel my mission for the computer musician is fulfilled and there are other missions waiting for me. I apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause you.”

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“I understand if you are angry or sad or disappointed or whatever, its a big change for some of you and certainly for me. It means closing the chapter that for almost 20 years has been my life and passion, so this is no simple thing for me. Thank you; with your orders you have made it possible for us to live this dream.”

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LinPlug instruments are still fully operational as before. Linsener recommends that you backup the installers and licenses (serials) because while the LinPlug store will remain open at least for a few months, one day they may not be available anymore.

Still available LinPlug products for $49 each:
Spectral subtractive synthesizer with mod matrix (additional libraries for Spectral are now only $9.99)
• SaxLab 2 plug-in for bass, baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano saxaphone soundsets.
MorphoX morphing synthesizer
• CRX4 sample manipulation plug-in instrument

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Check out LinPlug’s entire SoundCloud setlist for demos of all its plug-ins and expansion libraries.