LittleBits + KORG to Release 3 New Synth Kit Modules

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Last week, littleBits + KORG, the creators of the analog, modular Synth Kit announced at the Sonar +D festival in Barcelona that they are releasing 3 new Synth Kit modules in the 4th quarter of this year. More information and customer waitlist available here.

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MIDI module - allows users to control the Synth Kit from a DAW (Ableton Live, Pro Tools, etc) and other MIDI-enabled instruments. Additionally, it will allow users to create their own MIDI controller with littleBits modules by converting littleBits control voltages to MIDI messages.

CV module - allows users to Integrate Synth Kit with other analog synthesizers (for example, modular synths or analog keyboards).

USB I/O module - this is a USB audio interface that will enable users to record directly into their DAW from the Synth Kit or send audio from their DAW to the Synth Kit for processing. Integrate Synth Kit with common audio work stations (Ableton, ProTools, or other software like Traktor or Max/MSP).

In honor of this news, littleBits is offering 10% off the Synth Kit to readers of eMusician! Readers can use the code “EMUSICIAN” at checkout to get 10% off their Synth Kit purchase. The offer expires June 20th and cannot be combined with any other promotions.

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