Livid Instruments Launches Minim KickStarter Campaign

Portable Wireless Instrument Designed for Mobile Music Creation
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Livid Instruments announced today that they have launched a crowdfunding campaign on to partner with the Kickstarter community on their next innovation, Minim.

Minim is the world's first pocket-sized wireless instrument designed for mobile music creation. Minim's sleek and ergonomic design allows for intuitive control over iOS apps, DAWs, software plug-ins, MIDI effects units, and much more. Minim includes a stand-alone app that bridges 3rd party apps with Minim's controls, allowing players to use Minim as an instrument, sampler, sequencer, and song creation device right out of the box.

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Minim features touch and pressure sensitive controls, 3D motion sensors, and wireless connectivity. As an expressive control surface, Minim can act as a controller, multi-effects unit, sampler, or studio assistant all on one device. It easily integrates with many apps and software to activate and tweak effects, control recording sessions, trigger samples, create new sounds, and even control lighting and video. The wireless functionality creates enormous benefits over traditionally connected approaches to interacting with music creation apps and other digital tools.

Livid's 30 day campaign will begin on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 11:11 AM Central Time. Livid seeks to raise $40,000 to take Minim from prototype to production. Campaign backers are able to offer their support by pre-ordering a Minim at a special rate or choose from a mix of other potential rewards.

For more information visit the Minim Kickstarter.

About Livid

Founded in 2004, Livid Instruments designs and manufactures innovative music products in Austin, Texas. Livid offers a line of commercially available control surfaces and DIY products through dealers and distributors worldwide.