London Symphonic Strings - Accepting Ideas from Everyone

Aria Sounds Want to Hear Your Ideas
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London Symphonic Strings - Accepting Ideas from Everyone

By Aria Sounds

We Want YOUR Ideas For Our New Library

We want all of you to tell us what features you want in our new orchestral strings library! This is an opportunity for you to have an orchestra of extremely skilled and experienced players, record your ideas in one of London's marvelous halls. Just like us on Facebook, and get commenting your ideas -

All Ideas Are Welcome

We want to hear all your ideas, just leave your comment on our Facebook post about this project - nothing is too bizarre - whether that means you want abstract mic positions, things played through guitar amps, new articulations that aren't available with any existing libraries... Maybe you write in a specific genre, and you want us to record in a style that works for you! - get creative and let us know now!

We have already received a variety of fantastic ideas, many of which are being planned at this moment, but there is room for so much more - don't Let this opportunity pass you by - Get Commenting!