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ADAM Audio''s S Series steps up the evolutionary ladder with a new name and new components. The SX Series has six models ranging from small near-fields to larger mid-field models, all with redesigned transducers, drivers and electronics
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ADAM SX Series Monitors
ADAM Audio''s S Series steps up the evolutionary ladder with a new name and new components. The SX Series has six models ranging from small near-fields to larger mid-field models, all with redesigned transducers, drivers and electronics, promising the most transparent reproduction possible. The monitors feature the new X-ART tweeter, offering 4dB higher efficiency, 3dB greater max SPLs and expanded bandwidth to 50 kHz. Also new is an ultralow-distortion, broadband Class-A/B amplifier with 1MHz internal bandwidth and Hexacone™ woofers for more linear excursion. Prices (each) range from $1,295 (two-way, 5-inch woofer) to $4,795 (three-way, dual 9-inch woofers).
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Bag End IDS12-I
The IDS12-I subwoofer features a built-in Dual Integrator, and provides perfectly flat response down to 18 Hz. In addition, the subwoofer''s 12-inch INFRA core enables the IDS12-I to maintain tightly packed bass aligned with the upper-range signal to produce a seamless musical connection with the main loudspeakers. The subwoofer is self-contained, featuring a built-in 220-watt amplifier, and offers a balanced female XLR input connection. Bag End also offers optional fly-point mounting for the IDS12-I. The IDS12-I is housed in a compact, sturdy 13-ply birch plywood enclosure measuring 15x18x15 inches (HxWxD), and is fronted with a 16-gauge vinyl-coated perforated steel grille; an optional cloth grille is also available. Enclosures are available in a wide range of colors or unfinished and ready for staining.
NAMM Booth: #4146

Celestion CDX1-1720 HF Driver
The CDX1-1720 is a 1-inch exit, neodymium-magnet, titanium-dome compression driver with a “next-generation” phase plug developed at Celestion's UK headquarters for lower distortion and higher max SPLs. A deep-drawn 1.75-inch-diameter titanium diaphragm increases stiffness to reduce dome breakup within the critical 2kHz to 10kHz listening band. Specifications for the 8-ohm driver include 50W RMS power handling, 800 to 20k Hz frequency response and 10dB (1w/1m) sensitivity.
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Community Professional ENTASYS
The Community ENTASYS high-performance column line array loudspeaker features three-way, full-range and low-frequency columns offering high output and high power handling in a compact, architecturally appealing design.
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Watch the video on JBL LSR 2300 Series

JBL MSC1 Monitor System Controller
The MSC1 provides the essential monitor system controls found in large mixing consoles, along with JBL's RMC (Room Mode Correction) technology that tunes speakers to compensate for low-frequency problems in the room. The end result is great mixes in any room.
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JBL CBT Series Line Array Columns
Offering directivity control and sonic fidelity at an affordable price, the CBT Series passive line array columns feature Constant Beamwidth Technology™ circuitry, with switchable Broad/Narrow mode for mid/long-throw coverage. The compact 20-inch CBT 50LA uses a straight line of eight 2-inch drivers; the 40-inch CBT 100 LA has 16 2-inch drivers and handles 325W continuous. Both accept 70/100-volt or low-Z inputs. The J-shaped CBT 70J is a 28-inch, two-way coaxial line array with 16 soft-dome tweeters and four high-power 5-inch woofers. Its top-half projects sound toward the back of the venue; the bottom down-fills a broader sound to the front for consistent front-to-back sound levels. A CBT 70JE extension cabinet doubles its height, adds LF response and extends power handling to 1,000W.
NAMM booth: #7800
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Mackie TH-18s, SRM450V2
When paired with an SRM450v2 (now clad in all-black), the new TH-18s powered subwoofer delivers real-world power at extremely competitive pricing. Also debuting at NAMM are the HD Series Powered Subwoofers, the perfect companions to the full-range HD Series loudspeakers launched in 2009. These new subwoofers, along with Mackie''s core loudspeakers are available for demonstration. The SRM450v2 is available worldwide now and has an MSRP of $749.99 USD. The TH-18s is available now and has an MSRP of $879.99 USD. The HD1501 and HD1801 subwoofers will be available in Q1, and will have an MSRP of $1,099.99 USD and $1,249.99 USD, respectively.
NAMM Demo Room: #209A or Booth #4468
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Mackie HD Powered Subwoofers
The HD1501 and HD1801 subs offer many of the same benefits as the top boxes, including Class-D Fast-Recovery™ amplifier technology and delivering up to 1,600W of peak power. With custom transducer design and system tuning by EAW, HD subs provide unparalleled low-end extension. The HD1501 and HD1801 benefit from 15-inch and 18-inch woofers, respectively, as well as Mackie''s active electronics. The HD1801 18-inch subwoofer is ideal for use with either the HD1521 or HD1531, and the HD1501 15-inch sub is perfect for systems using SRM450v2 Active Loudspeakers (or SRM350v2s). HD Series Powered Subwoofers will ship worldwide in Q1 2010. The HD1501 and HD1801 will have a U.S. MSRP of $1,099.99 and $1,249.99, respectively.
NAMM Demo Room #209A or Booth #4468
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Radian Audio Apex NEO Series
The Apex NEO Series of ultra-compact, low-profile, two-way floor monitors incorporate neodymium magnet technology with the Apex NEO 1200 and Apex NEO 1500each with top-of-the-line, coaxial speakers featuring a 2-inch compression driver. The Apex NEO 1200 includes Radian''s flagship 12-inch coaxial speaker with a 2-inch compression driver, while the Apex NEO 1500 houses a 15-inch version. Like Radian''s Apex Series and its MicroWedge Series predecessor, the new Apex NEO Series is engineered in a form factor almost half the size of many conventional stage monitors. The ultralow-profile cabinets minimize audience sightline interference and drastically reduce the onstage footprint. Constructed from 13-ply ?-inch Baltic birch with a sturdy steel front grille, both enclosures incorporate a built-in carrying handle and a hidden cable-management system that prevents accidental damage to the twin NL-4 connectors
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QSC K Series
The K Series compact, lightweight, high-performance powered loudspeakers feature molded ABS enclosures, uniformly matched drivers, advanced DSP and QSC's legendary touring spec amplification. The same 1,000-watt Class-D amplifier module powers all four models—whether the K8, K10, K12 - or KSub (dual-12-inch subwoofer). QSC is also using the same woofer motor in all four models, and the same 1.75-inch HF device in the three two-way enclosures. The primary differentiator is output dispersion—the K8 is widest at 105 degrees and the K12 the narrowest at 75 degrees. Several proprietary QSC DSP technologies in the K Series includes Digital Extension and Excursion Processing (DEEP), which allows each K Series model to deliver levels of low-frequency extension, hitherto impossible in enclosures of this size.
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Samson Auro
The Auro D412 and D415 are lightweight, two-way active speakers that combine superior components and meticulous engineering. Both speakers provide 400W of output power and house a 1.34-inch compression driver. The D412 employs a 12-inch extended low-frequency driver while the D415 boasts a 15-inch low-frequency driver for a little extra action on the bottom end. Two oversized carry handles and polypropylene construction make the Auro speakers portable and durable, while a convenient 1/4-inch line input, XLR mic input, volume control and 2-band equalizer ensure professional sound capabilities and easy integration into a P.A. setup.
NAMM Booth: #5940

Samson Expedition Series XP510i
The XP510i boasts dual two-way speakers with a detachable 10-channel mixer with a 500W (2 x 250) Class-D amplifier. The speakers employ 10-inch woofers in vented enclosures for outstanding bass response, while 1-inch high-frequency drivers deliver sweet highs. And when you''re ready to go, the speakers slide together, the mixer locks into the back of one speaker and the cables pack up in the back of the other for a single unit that weighs just more than 50 pounds. Additional features like an integrated iPod dock, onboard 24-bit digital effects and phantom power allow users to craft a personalized sound for any performance.
NAMM Booth: #5940

Turbosound Powered Flex Array
The new Flex Array TFA-600HDP compact, trapezoidal, digitally self-powered and networkable three-way mid/high enclosure is designed for medium-scale line array or virtual point touring or fixed applications. Featuring a 1-inch neodymium HF driver on a Dendritic™ device, a 6.5-inch high-mid driver on a Polyhorn device and two Turbo-loaded 1-inch LMF drivers, the TFA-600HDP has integrated Class-D amps and a DSP module with network capability. Bass is covered by the TFA-600LDP, a horn-loaded, single 18-inch LF cabinet also designed for flown and ground stacked applications.
NAMM Booth: #6474
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