BAG END PD10E-I DOUBLE-10 SUB: Now in a self-powered version, the PD10E-I is specifically designed to fit into locations where space is at a premium. The system packs a lot of bass into a small cabinet-down to 8Hz-thanks to the company's exclusive INFRA technology that provides high-fidelity, yet compact bass sound.The built-in Minima One is a 1,000-watt high efficiency amp weighs just 5 lbs. The 49-pound enclosure 13xx22x13-inches (HxWxD) and retail is $1,620. NAMM Booth #4378.

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D.A.S. AUDIO REFERENCE SERIES: The D.A.S. Reference Series of loudspeakers comprises two 12-inch models, two 15-inch models and two double-15-inch models available with 1-inch and 1.5-inch compression drivers. The range of externally powered products also offers single-and double-18 subwoofers for applications requiring additional low-frequency power. Features include 18mm birch plywood construction, rotatable horns with 80x50 and 60x40 dispersion, and 12 M10 rigging points. Options include a new horizontal array frame for up to three RF-12 or RF-15 models. NAMM Booth #6878.

DYNAUDIO AIR 12 SMART MONITORS WITH DSP: The latest in Dynaudio's line of "smart" monitoring systems is the AIR 12 , a 200W biamped two-way near-field speaker with an 8-inch woofer and 1.1-inch soft-dome tweeter that includes built-in room-adapting DSP. An internal wireless network between speakers manages audio and control information, including an automatic level calibration system, Acoustic Placement Compensation, bass management, on-the-fly simulations, central level control, preset setup recall, speaker solo/mute and full control of all features via the included remote control. Each speaker contains integrated parametric EQ, offset delay and optional digital and/or analog inputs. When used in conjunction with more AIR units or a dedicated AIR Subwoofer, a single remote can control them all thanks to the inter-speaker network. NAMM Booth #6840.

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EQUATOR AUDIO RESEARCH Q SERIES REFERENCE MONITORS: The Q Series line of reference monitors offers bi-amplified, extreme SPL, zero-point reference in 10/12/15-inch coaxial systems and an 18-inch subwoofer with reproduction below 20 Hz. Each unit incorporates a dedicated internal CPU and our proprietary Digitally Controlled Transducers to correct for driver variances and compensate for room acoustic anomalies, including secondary reflections from video screens and consoles. NAMM Booth #B5963.

HOSA CUE 5: Cue 5 from Hosa is an $899 monitoring system designed for the desktop recordist. These 30-watt powered speakers combine a 5.25-inch woofer and 1.5-inch silk-dome tweeter with analog (RCA or XLR) or digital I/O at 24-bit/96 kHz via optical or coaxial S/PDIF inputs. The included Mac/PC control software offers 6-band parametric EQ with bypass, independent volume, bass, treble, mute, left/right balance and programmable auto-fade in/out. Eight user memories can store configurations and provisions for system access via Ethernet or RS-232. Frequency response is stated as 65 Hz to 20 kHz. NAMM Booth #5590.

IKEY-AUDIO M-SERIES M-808: The flagship in the M-Series monitor line, the M-808 is a 2-way, 125-watt bi-amplified unit that combines an 8-inch red woven glass aramid composite woofer and 1-inch soft-dome tweeter in a mag-shielded, radius-edged enclosure with a 45 Hz to 20 kHz response. Inputs are analog XLR/TRS/RCA; an optional M-10s powered sub extends response to 35 Hz. NAMM Booth #6966.

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JBL PROFESSIONAL VRX932LAP/VRX918SP: Using the JBL DrivePack DPC-2 amplification system, the VRX932LAP 12-inch powered loudspeaker and the VRX918SP 18-inch powered subwoofer are fully self-contained, powered loudspeakers. The two models retain all the features of the original VRX932LA and VRX918S, while self-powered performance has been optimized through integrated DSP. NAMM Booth #7800.

JBL LSR4300 SERIES: JBL Pro intros two 5.1 surround systems with 24-bit, 96kHz AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital and analog inputs. Up to eight LSR4326P ($1,199 each) or LSR4328P ($1,699 each) monitors can be configured (with 6-inch and 8-inch woofers), along with two LSR4312SP subwoofers ($1,100 each). The speakers feature an automated version of JBL's RMC (Room Mode Correction) technology to measure and compensate for LF problems caused by the room acoustics by connecting a supplied calibration mic to the speaker and viewing correlations on a computer using the LSR4300 Control Center Software. The app also includes a monitor control section, solo and mute. NAMM Booth #7800.

K+H O 410 MIDFIELD MONITOR: Designed specifically for midfield monitoring, Klein + Hummel's O 410 is a tri-amped three-way loudspeaker, featuring mag-shielded drivers (10-inch LF, 3-inch soft dome mid and 1-inch tweeter). Onboard 340/180/160-watt hybrid class A-B amplifiers in the vented enclosure extends bass to 34 Hz. Electronically balanced analog inputs are standard; optional are transformer-balanced and 192kHz/24-bit digital inputs. NAMM Booth #6579.

KRK VXT MONITORS: The VXT Series monitors are two-way designs with a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter. Weighing 28 pounds, the VXT8 ($799) has an 8-inch Kevlar woofer and 180-watt amp; the VXT6 ($599) has a 6-inch Kevlar woofer and 120W amp, while the VXT4 ($399) has a 4-inch Kevlar woofer and 90W amp. Standard are integrated Omnimount supports, XLR/TRS combo inputs and shielded cabinets. NAMM Booth #6866.

KRK PROTECTION GRILLES: Offering protection for its VXT4 and VXT6 reference monitors, these rugged metal grilles are designed to protect the woofers and tweeters of KRK Systems' VXT Series while preserving the monitors' sonic performance. Designed with rubber gaskets and mounting spacers to eliminate vibration transfers, the grilles offer peace of mind when using the speakers where circumstances could damage the monitors. Prices: VXT6, $64.99/pair; VXT4, $39.99/pair. NAMM Booth #6866.

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MACKIE SRM 350/450 VERSION 2: Mackie updates its best-selling speakers, now with lightweight neodymium drivers and onboard Class-D bi-amplification, resulting in a 20-percent weight reduction. Housed in midnight-blue, molded-polypropylene enclosures that double as mains or monitors, the flyable SRM350 Version 2 (195-watt) and SRM450 V. 2 (400-watt) systems feature titanium-dome compression drivers on wide-dispersion waveguides, 24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley crossovers, onboard phase alignment/EQ/time correction and mic/line inputs. Shipping begins this month. NAMM Booth #5776.

MACKIE HRMK2 SERIES: The improved HR624mk2 ($579) and HR824mk2 ($779) high-resolution monitors offer even dispersion over their predecessors, a cast-aluminum baffle to reduce diffraction, a wider sweet spot THX pm3 certification. The 140-watt biamped HR624mk2 has a 6.7-inch woofer; the 250-watt HR824mk2 has an 8.75-inch woofer; and both have 1-inch titanium dome tweeters. NAMM Booth #5776.

NADY SYSTEMS SUBS: The $869.95 PSW 18A combines an 18-inch woofer and a 1,200W amp for a max 123dB SPL. It has XLR and 1/4-inch inputs, adjustable 20 to 500Hz response, recessed handles and black carpet covering. The $639.95 stereo powered SSW-15A uses three internal amps to power a 15-inch woofer (300W) and two optional, external, two-way speaker cabs (2x160W). It has separate volume controls for all three outputs, a passive lowpass filter, separate left and right TRS balanced inputs, and parallel outputs. NAMM Booth #4650.

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P.AUDIO EXPANDS DRIVER LINE: P.Audio expands its range of pro woofers and HF drivers. The new Woofer Series includes six lines of LF drivers, from the economical, stamped steel frame/ferrite magnet IMF Series II to the no-compromise Flagship Series, with cast aluminum frames, neodymium magnets and 4-inch voice coils. The new Driver Series of HF compression drivers includes the BM-D Series II (ferrite) and PreNeo (neodymium) models-both with tough, lightweight titanium diaphragms. NAMM Booth #6894.

PEAVEY SP FH FOLDED HORN SUBWOOFER: Featuring 1,600-watt program power handling (3,200w peak), the SP FH subwoofer has an 18-inch Low Rider(r) Black Widow(r) loudspeaker with 4-inch voice coil and Kevlar-impregnated cone in a folded-horn design. The carpeted, compact 36x24x34-inch enclosure weighs 150 pounds, has casters for portability and both ?-inch and 4-pin Speakon connectors. Specs include a 30 Hz to 300 Hz frequency response and a 108 dB (1w/1m) sensitivity. NAMM Booth #5740.

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PRIMACOUSTIC RECOIL STABILIZER: The Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer is a unique speaker mounting device that eliminates disruptive resonant coupling from the loudspeaker to the stand, while providing a stable base that reduces the recoil caused by the forward energy of the loudspeaker motion. Basically, it''s a platform for the loudspeaker with a high-density urethane base that isolates the speaker from the shelf, monitor bridge or stand; heavy laser-cut steel plate is added and sandwiched between the isolation layer and a no-slip neoprene top, to introduce significant mass to the structure and serves to stabilize the speaker. NAMM Booth #6953.

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QSC WIDELINE-8 ARRAY: Including the full-range WL3082 and WL212-sw sub, the WideLine-8 Series offers the same wide, 140-degree dispersion as larger WideLine models, with a rigging system integrated into each enclosure. The 20x9-inch (WxH) triamplified WL3082 has a 68 Hz to 20 kHz response from two 8-inch drivers with neodymium magnets and a 3-inch voice coil neodymium compression driver on a 140-degree, multiple-aperture diffraction waveguide. The dual-12 sub produces 135 dB SPL and take LF down to 32 Hz. NAMM Booth #6750.

TURBOSOUND TA-500T/TA-500TDP: The TA-500t is a trapezoidal, bi-amp/tri-amp 3-way enclosure with a 1-inch HF driver on a Polyhorn(tm) device, 10-inch MF on a Polyhorn and a Turbo-loaded 15-inch LF for a 60Hz to 20kHz response from a 125-pound cabinet. Its 50°H x 25°V dispersion focuses with minimum overspill. The powered, networkable TA-500tDPs offer real-time control and monitoring of operating parameters with a PC and TurboDrive(tm) software over a BVNet network or remotely. NAMM Booth #6474.