Luke Fellingham Invests In An Orpheus For His Luna Sound Mastering Facility

 Prism Sound, manufacturer of premium-quality interfaces and converters for the recording and broadcast markets, has supplied a multi-channel Orpheus FireWire computer interface to Luna Sound, a mastering facility housed in the ICC Studios complex in Eastbourne.
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When engineer Luke Fellingham moved his Luna Sound operation into a former mastering studio at ICC, he took the opportunity to refurbish the room’s acoustics and to invest in some new equipment. One of his key purchases was the Prism Sound Orpheus unit, which he using for all analogue to digital and digital to analogue conversion.

“My facility is based around a Logic system, which I use in conjunction with various analogue EQs and compressors,” he explains. “I bought the Orpheus because I needed to improve the quality of my conversion to get the best out of my outboard gear. The convoluted nature of the system I was previously using meant that it was prone to unreliability. Using the Orpheus, all the conversion I need for my system is in one box running its own built-in low-jitter digital clock. Not only does this sound better, but it’s simpler and rock solid too. Additionally, the inclusion of digital inputs and outputs along with synchronous sample-rate conversion allows real flexibility when working with multiple DAWs and sample rates.”

Fellingham says the cost-effective price of the Orpheus was another bonus, along with its FireWire interface, which enabled him to quickly link up to his Logic system.

“It took me a while to take the plunge and hook it up as my main monitoring DAC, but once I did the benefits were enormous. Everything now sounds incredibly details and accurate and my masters are translating better than ever before. The fact that Orpheus is a one box solution that even offers volume control of the monitors makes it so easy to use and virtually idiot-proof,” he adds.

Since installing the Orpheus, Fellingham has been mastering a number of projects for ICC’s own record label. He has also mastered albums for producers such as WeeksWeeksWeeks and Busbee, including his sister-in-law Lou Fellingham’s recent release “Promised Land”. When he isn’t working in the studio, Fellingham also plays in the band Phatfish, which is a popular addition to many Christian events and conferences.