M-Audio Announces Availability of Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 Software for Mac OS X and Windows

M-Audio®, a leading manufacturer of creative tools for computer-centric musicians, is proud to announce availability of Pro Tools M-Powered™ 7.4 software. Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 software offers numerous new music features and workflow enhancements including a powerful, multifaceted new music composition and production tool called Elastic Time.

Elastic Time allows users to easily change the tempo and timing of loops, music, dialog and other sound files in real time without cutting up audio tracks. Users can now easily audition or import loops and audio files—including REX and Acid files—that instantly sync with a session’s tempo. Users can also use the Elastic Time feature to quantize audio to the session grid or extracted grooves, and fine-tune regions with precision control over each individual beat.

Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 software delivers a variety of other features, improvements and enhancements. The software now includes Structure™ Free, Digidesign’s powerful sample player, which comes with over 885 MB of high-quality instrument samples from the acclaimed Digidesign® Advanced Instrument Research group. For those who use ReWire applications (such as Reason), Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 software accepts MIDI directly from ReWire applications for recording controller data to a Pro Tools® MIDI or Instrument track. The software also supports Unicode characters throughout the application, allowing users to label and edit text anywhere in Pro Tools in any language supported by Unicode. Unicode-supported languages include Japanese, French, Greek, Russian and Hebrew.

With the release of Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 software, M-Audio’s KeyStudio™ 49i keyboard controller/audio interface joins the list of nearly two dozen compatible M-Audio hardware peripherals. The software also extends support to Windows Vista Ultimate or Business (32-bit versions only), in addition to its current Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.4.9 support.

“The new Elastic Time feature will revolutionize the way musicians work in Pro Tools,” says Adam Castillo, M-Audio marketing director. “The ability to manipulate audio events in real time opens up a world of creative possibilities, while delivering the superior audio quality that the Pro Tools community expects.”

Pricing and Availability
Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 software is now available for Windows XP-, Windows Vista- and Mac OS X (Tiger)-based Pro Tools M-Powered systems. Expanded Windows Vista and OS X (Leopard) support will be announced later. The standard upgrade cost is $75; the cost of upgrading from Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3 is $49.

Customers who have purchased a new Pro Tools M-Powered system or upgrade on or after October 1, 2007 will be eligible for a free software upgrade. Customers purchasing new systems that contain Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3 software are eligible to upgrade to 7.4 at no additional cost. Upgrades will be available through the DigiStore located at http://store.digidesign.com, as well as through authorized Digidesign dealers.