M-Audio Pro Sessions 24: Antonio Dilillo’s Signature Electro Patterns, Vol. 1

Contact: M-Audio, m-audio.comFormat: 1 CD-ROM, 24-bit/44.1 kHz ACIDized WAV and REX2 filesPrice: $49.95

I’ve long been wary of pattern collections, but this one? Well, it delivers. Antonio Dilillo of Cluster Sound has put together some 1.3GB of nasty electro patterns with characteristic Italian flair. The synth loops are tight, funky, and original, and the breaks are remarkably inventive as well, fully capable of keeping the wallflowers’ heads nodding while the dance floor shakes. All are steeped in European techno traditions while remaining faithful to the early electro sound. Tradition aside, Signor Dilillo is certainly not afraid to use all the technology available, and this collection has a distinctly digital feel, but not sterile by any means (quite the opposite, in fact, these loops are downright dirty!). The industrial influence on these patterns is apparent throughout, especially in the breaks and beats. In short, the glitch, the grime, and the glory of electro are represented well in this latest edition of Pro Sessions 24. Oh, and the 24 does refer to sample size: All files are 24-bit, 44.1kHz and available as ACIDized WAV or REX2 files. If you’re looking for new ideas or for that certain something to add to a loop-based electronica project, Electro Patterns will scratch that itch. In fact, I’ve got to get back to this joint I’m working on now.