M. Fusion, This Solution (Nice)

Have anxiety about the future? Screw chill pills; let's wallow in fret with M. Fusion's tense, electro/new wave album, This Solution.
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Soundtrack to the best B movie you''ve never rented

Gazing into a crystal ball warped by hip-hop mind control and new wave/electro''s first eyeliner, Fusion''s chrome-rusted future, from “Case for the War” to “The Passenger,” draws on Deltron 3030''s antivirus strategies. The universal fretfulness is either emphatic or an irritant itching beneath, and optimism, as per “Freedom 1,” becomes a tainted olive branch. Fusion''s fear factor lies in banks of synthesizers bleeding anxiety. Having been left for dead, they propel phantom operas “Belief” and “The Fall” to map out a compelling, nerve-striking escape from L.A. [4 out of 5 stars]