Magix, the worldwide leader in music and video editing software, announced today Magix MP3 Maker 10 deLuxe, the ultimate mobile music manager that organizes digital music at home and on the road.

Since the digital music revolution of high-quality digital music and MP3 and iPod players, music collections have become much more mobile and harder to organize. MP3 Maker 10 deLuxe solves this problem with the newest version of the worldwide bestselling MP3 software1 that organizes, repairs, and converts all digital music for easy access and portability. MP3 Maker 10 deLuxe also converts LPs and cassettes; restores damaged music files; and burns professional music mixes to CD or DVD.

Auto DJ Feature & Internet Radio

MAGIX MP3 Maker 10 deLuxe's new Auto DJ feature instantly makes anyone into an experienced DJ in seconds without training! MP3 Maker 10 deLuxe automatically creates an artistic DJ mix by finding the beat of the songs in a playlist and creating a mix sorted by either average tempo or tempo groups. If you need to expand your music library, you can check out and legally record the software's over 2,500 Internet radio stations. You can even use the convenient timer to record radio shows while you're away. And with the Auto Backup feature automatically archiving your entire music collection on CD or DVD, you'll never have to worry about losing your cherished music to a fatal hard drive crash.

Since digital music files have gone beyond MP3, MAGIX MP3 Maker 10 deLuxe also encodes, decodes and burns all other important music formats, such as OGG Vorbis, WMA, WAV, AAC, and MP3PRO. If you find yourself running out of hard drive space or are using a mobile device such as a cellphone or PDA, MP3 Maker deLuxe can now convert music files to the space-saving AAC format. In addition to high-compression, the AAC format (developed by Fraunhofer -- the same company that created MP3), is also known for its excellent sound quality. MAGIX MP3 Maker 10 deLuxe also supports Windows Media DRM, making it possible to legally play back, archive, copy and burn files downloaded from online music stores.

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