Magix Announces Music Maker 10 Deluxe

Magix, the worldwide leader in music and video editing software announced today the 10th anniversary of their award-winning first Magix software product (Music Maker), with the launch of the latest version, Music Maker 10 deLuxe.

Music Maker 10 deLuxe music creation software is jam-packed with new features, such as an automatic Remix Maker; Virtual Drummer; new sound effects; and over 1,000 cool sound loops and samples. Magix Music Maker 10 deLuxe clearly outperforms all music software that came before it.

Music Maker 10 deLuxe New Features Include:

Remix Maker
The automatic Remix Maker takes dull songs and creates exciting new versions. Simply insert the CD, choose a title, and at the click of a mouse, the program identifies the beat and breaks down the song into loopable segments. Then the program automatically creates a remix in one of four styles to create real earth-shaking original music.

Vintage Effects Suite
The Vintage Effects Suite adds four new virtual reproductions of analog effects to the already large effects library: Chorus (more warmth and depth), Flanger (jet-like effect), Analog Delay (ping-pong effect) and ModFilter (tempo-synchronized filters).

Little Virtual Drummer
For drum lovers, the Magix LiViD (Little Virtual Drummer) offers a complete drum kit with an assortment of different styles. After entering a few basic details, LiViD will play the whole drum track, complete with intro, verses, choruses and fills, providing the exact structure for the entire song. Brilliant stereo drum samples played by studio professionals and an innovative feature called "humanize" create realistic drum grooves with perfect sound quality.

New Task Assistant
If there are any questions on how to use these and many other features, the new task assistant is always there with short easy-to-understand videos to help with any problems.

Magix Music Maker's success has spanned 10 years and started with the company's first Music Maker version, which established a brand new form of recreational software and opened up the music software market to non-musicians. Since then, Magix has improved the original product with each yearly release. After years of awards and accolades, editors and customers alike continue to praise Magix Music Maker's software excellence.

"From the very beginning, our idea was to give users who didn't have any previous music experience or knowledge the possibility to make their musical ideas a reality on their PC. We've kept that same idea and went from what fit on a disk in 1994 to a program which can be used by both beginners and advanced users to produce professional results quickly and easily," explained Magix CEO, Juergen Jaron.

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