Magix Music Maker 14

With the new MAGIX Music Maker 14 - it's all about making your own music.

Newest music software release by MAGIX shows its strengths in creating music beyond Dance and Electronica, well into Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Latin and other mainstream pop genres

Miami, May 20th 2008 - With the new MAGIX Music Maker 14, the worldwide music software market leader (1) presents more than just another release of its original program for loop-based music production. This latest version includes virtual MIDI instruments for authentic e-guitars and orchestral sounds, as well as over 1,500 audio loops that sound custom-produced making it a universal tool for creating all kinds of music. This latest edition takes the whole art of creating music on your PC beyond Dance and Electronica to show its strengths in Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Latin and other mainstream pop genres. The new MAGIX Music Maker 14 is available at top retailers for $59.99.

Professional results for both beginners and advanced users MAGIX Music Maker 14 remains the easiest solution for creating professional-sounding music. Beginners without any musical background or previous technical knowledge can quickly experience success. Advanced users value the straightforward workflow and generous space for ideas by taking full advantage of the 64 built-in tracks. The new Vital Instruments, named after their outstanding sound quality and authenticity, complete the stylistic spectrum of both versions, while the Power Chords create rocking electrical guitar sound. In addition, MAGIX Music Maker 14 contains high-quality MIDI orchestra instruments like strings, woodwinds and brass to round off your music repertoire.

Performing live becomes even easier

With Live Performer, single sequences of the song can be assigned to individual keys. When these keys are activated, the corresponding sequence will sound precisely on the beat. This is especially useful for live performances, when you may decide which passage to play and how often according to the mood of the crowd. Vital Instruments can also be played live, so that, for example, the performer can be accompanied by a guitar, piano or an orchestral ensemble. For those who would rather rely on professionally-produced sound loops, MAGIX Music Maker 14 offers over 1,500 new audio and MIDI loops from all genres created by internationally recognized producers.

Collaborate with other musicians worldwide The User Live Chat complements the band rehearsal room in MAGIX Music Maker 14, allowing the user to connect and exchange knowledge with others directly from within the program. With Screen Sharing, all processes can be displayed on the screen of another PC user, for example, showing the steps to creating a remix. The overriding principle of all tools in MAGIX Music Maker 14 is that their ease-of-use lets you concentrate on the main thing: making music.

(1) Refers to the number of retail software products sold in Europe according to monthly analysis by Media Control Germany (Basis: media control Panel) (PC/CD-ROM non-games Germany according to the VUD criteria); GfK charts Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy; Chart Track UK; NPD Data Charts PC/CD-ROM non-games US. Time period until December 2007.

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