MAGIX Releases Samplitude Pro X2 & Samplitude Pro X2 Suite

DAW Offers Professional Audio Processing from Recording to Mastering
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MAGIX has released the latest version of its renowned digital audio workstation, Samplitude Pro X2, celebrating 25 years of success in professional audio production. The decisive factor for the continued success of this product is its outstanding audio engine, featuring complete bit transparency. Combined with optimized recording, editing, MIDI and mastering work flows, Samplitude Pro X2 is the perfect program for ambitious audio productions. The latest version contains a multitude of new features and detail-related enhancements to give professional musicians and producers an even more effective set of tools for working in the studio.
Intuitive mixing and flexible routing

It is now possible to freely arrange the sequence of effects and plug-ins, allowing users to make full use of all effects. The sequence can be organized individually for all tracks and objects in an arrangement, as well as effects used in the Surround mix. It is also possible to select additional track outputs in Samplitude Pro X2, resulting in more flexible routing during mixing and improved integration of external devices.

VST3 interface support also allows users to use a much wider range of effects in their projects.

A focus on professional controls

Another important feature in Samplitude Pro X2 are the new VCA faders. Their usability is inspired by large analog mixing consoles, and they allow for targeted control of all relevant levels during project mixing, allowing users to convert each channel strip into a VCA fader.

The latest version is also easier to use thanks to an expanded selection of automations which make working with tracks and plug-ins even more intuitive. For example, users can right click on curve points to edit them numerically or transfer entire track automations to objects.

The Arranger has also been optimized, making it easier to customize toolbars and buttons and assign menu functions to them.

Professional editing with extreme precision

The new zPlane time stretching technology, élastique Pro V3, puts the latest generation of algorithms at users disposal. Precise adjustments can be made to pitch and speed even for large stretch factors and material containing lots of transients, without having to sacrifice audio quality.

When editing multi-channel recordings, such as choral music, it is often useful to transfer the pitch adjustments made in Elastic Audio to other tracks. With the "Synchronize tracks" option in the Elastic Audio dialog, users can now automatically transfer changes to all tracks.

Even more with the Samplitude Pro X2 Suite

The Samplitude Pro X2 Suite offers a high-quality collection of professional effects and additional features. The Cleaning & Restoration Suite can be used to analyze sound material in detail and apply enhancements, while the Analog Modelling Suite, with its four high-quality replicas of analog sound tools, is best used to support creative sound design. This also applied to the 70 GB Premium Sound Library for the Independence Sampler, which contains over 3000 instruments, arrangements and step sequencer patches for unlimited inspiration.

The Samplitude Pro X2 Suite now supports productions that adhere to EBU R128//ITU-R BS.1771, allowing users to use internal Loudness Metering and the True Peak Limiter to monitor and adjust loudness conformity, which is especially useful when dubbing videos.

Samplitude Pro X2 is available for $499 and Pro X2 Suite for $999.

The most important features in Samplitude Pro X2:

· 64-bit & multi-core support
· Sample rates up to 348 kHz
· Hybrid Audio Engine
· Comparisonics waveform display
· CD burning
· MIDI editor and score editor
· Virtual instruments
· Independence Sampler with a 12 GB library
· Hardware controllers
· High-definition plug-ins
· Track-level spectral editing
· Object-oriented editing
· 5.1 Surround Mixing
· Video file integration

The most important new features:

· Multiple outputs for flexible routing
· Free plug-in routing
· VST3 support
· zPlane time stretching/pitch shifting technology
· Elastic Audio on multiple tracks
· VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifiers)
· Screen Keyboard
· New virtual instruments (DN-e1, Bass Machine, Rock Drums, Vintage Organ)
· Improved automations
· Improved arranger

Samplitude Pro X2 Suite extras:

· Independence Sampler with a 70 GB library
· Analogue Modelling Suite Plus
· Full version of Vandal: Virtual guitar & bass amplifier
· Cleaning & Restoration Suite including Spectral Cleaning dialog
· New virtual instruments (Analog Synths, Electric Piano, String Ensemble, Urban Drums)
· Loudness Metering in accordance with EBU R128//ITU-R BS.1771
· True Peak Limiter for sMax11


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