Major Upgrades for V-Control Pro 2 Now Available

Major Upgrades Including a New V-Panner App, Wired Connection for iPad and More
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If you use V-Control Pro 1 or V-Control Free on iPad, check out the new V-Control Pro 2 system, it’s a great time to take your projects to the next level. Neyrinck has just announced major upgrades including a new V-Panner app, wired connection for iPad, V-Window integration into V-Console and more.

Upgrade now and get these new features for recording, editing and mixing your audio and video projects:

  • Wired connection for iPad apps using Lightning / iOS Cable.
  • New V-Panner iOS, Android and web browser app
  • V-Console app now includes V-Window feature for plug-in control from the original plug-in screens
  • 8 and 16 fader V-Console skins as well as multiple controllers for up to 32 faders
  • V-Console includes improved insert and plug-in edit pop-up
  • New V-Console app screens designed specifically for the iPad Pro including additional buttons and higher res graphics
  • Compatible with: Digital Performer, Cubase, Live, Logic Pro, Mackie Control, MIO Console, Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, Reaper, Reason, Studio One, Traktion

V-Control Pro 2 is available now for only $49.99/year from the Neyrinck store.


V-Console and V-Panner apps replace V-Control Pro 1, V-Control Pro 2 software replaces Ney-Fi. V-Control 1 iPad app is still fully supported for free - just update to the latest 1.9 version from the Apple App store and download V-Control Pro 2 for free for V-Control Pro 1.9 here