Make A TestTone 3 for Mac OS X Releases on May 30

With over 60.000 downloads of the OS 9 version, this speaking OS X reincarnation of the popular Make A TestTone was completely unavoidable.

Make A TestTone is a highly accurate and flexible test signal generator that can test signal chains for distortion, aliasing, speaker defects, digital clock errors, crosstalk, cross-wiring etc. It can also produce the classic test tone preceding program material.

In the files, the announcer optionally speaks introductions containing levels, frequencies, speakers and formats. In addition, Make A TestTone drops markers in the sound files, indicating the exact frequency and amplitude at that spot.

Make a TestTone produces phase check sequences from stereo up to 10.2 formats. The announcer introduces each speaker after which its phase correlation is tested against the previous speaker. All connections are checked in under a minute.

All files are native to Pro Tools, so they can be imported without conversions.

Sine-wave tone generation ranges from simple test tones to precede a mix, to flexible custom level- and frequency sweeps up to 192 kHz. These sweeps are used to produce totally clean, sideband-free test input for quality checks on signal processing or dithering algorithms. They reveal almost every limitation. The announcer optionally introduce each sweep by a complete description.

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