MakeMusic Announces Finale 2008

MakeMusic Finale 2008 offers the option to record and import audio to enhance playback.
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MakeMusic has unveiled Finale 2008 (Mac/Win) notation software, which now offers the option to record and import audio to enhance playback.

According to the manufacturer, no other notation software offers the capability to record and import mono or stereo audio files. In addition to that new feature, Finale 2008 adds more than 250 free instrument sounds from the makers of Garritan Personal Orchestra; Native Instruments-supported libraries, which are available separately; and improved tools and menus to help you work more efficiently.

Finale 2008 allows you to use a single tool to copy music, adjust expressions, transpose, and add repeats. The new version also gives you the option to use keystrokes to select measures horizontally and vertically without visiting a menu.

Other notable new features include ScoreMerger, which combines parts into a score and joins multiple scores and movements into one document; personalized document layouts; colored noteheads; searchable help documentation; and support for Windows Vista, Music XML, and Human Playback.

Pre-orders are now being taken for Finale 2008, which will begin shipping in July, 2007. For pricing information, please visit MakeMusic.