MakeMusic Releases Finale 2006 for Mac and Windows

MakeMusic Inc. announced the release of Finale 2006, music notation software for Macintosh and Windows computers.

Users of Finale 2006 will experience:

  • Dramatically improved music playback - Thanks to partnerships with other companies, Finale 2006 includes a built-in Kontakt Player from Native Instruments and the Garritan Personal Orchestra Finale Edition, which features more than 100 studio-quality instrument sounds.
  • New tools for teaching and learning music composition - Finale 2006 advances music education with the new StudioView. By integrating key sequencer tools into each music staff, users can teach music composition and arranging using standard music notation rather than complex computer symbols. This combination of professional notation and sequencer features is paired with a mixer for real-time control of volume, panning, patch, mute solo, and record.
  • New controls for absolute creative freedom - Features like TempoTap allow users to control the nuances of rubati, accelerandi, and ritardandi with the tap of a finger. These fine distinctions are captured in real time, while Finale plays the music, and automatically recorded for future performances. Tools such as Engraver Copy and Paste make professionallevel editing easy. One dialog box controls all aspects of cut and paste (even between documents). Personal settings are automatically saved.

Finale 2006 expands the musical possibilities even further with an array of tools and features: Mid-Measure Repeats, Split Measures, Create Coda Systems, Chord Analysis, Resize Noteheads Automatically, Handbells Used Charts, support for a wide variety of Native Instrument VST/AU players, Textured Paper, Embedded Graphics, Music XML Import and Export (for Windows and Macintosh), Auto Slur Melismas, Score System Divider, Enhanced Human Playback, Embedded Fonts in Mac EPS files, Smart Shape Libraries, Auto Resize When Printing, Orff Instruments in Setup Wizard, Auto Insert Copyright Symbol, New Key Signature Context Menu, Composite Library Files, Mass Edit Context menu, and much more.

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