MakeMusic Releases Finale 2009

MakeMusic, Inc. is shipping Finale 2009 music notation software.
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MakeMusic, Inc. is now shipping Finale 2009 (Mac/Win) music notation software.

This new version of the software provides a number of improvements over the last version, including streamlined creation, entry, editing, copying, and moving of dynamics, tempo indications, and other text and markings. According to the manufacturer, these changes will allow Finale users to complete their work in less time with fewer keystrokes and mouse clicks.

Furthermore, Finale 2009 offers multipage viewing and editing; sounds from Garritan Personal Orchestra and Tapspace Virtual Drumline; the Garritan Aria player for VST/AU playback; open VST/AU hosting so that any instrument plug-in can be used with Finale; simplified and expanded creation of SmartMusic accompaniment files; updated Engraver Slurs, FinaleScript, MusicXML; and more.

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