ManyStation Goes Multi-Timbral

Manytone Music''s ManyStation VSTi for Windows has received a new update.

The following features have been added:

  • Multi-timbral operation -- each layer can now be separately addressed by its own MIDI channel
  • Improved patch and bank management
  • RAM load has been reduced by 12MB
  • Improved user handling options
  • Another skin has been added: AluMaSheen.

The upgrade (which is based on WusikEngine version 1.1.06) is available free of charge to all registered users and can be accessed immediately by using the download link that was issued to users when ManyStation was purchased.

The ManyStation includes 1.5GB of sample data. Some of the instrument soundsets include between 20 and 60 multi-samples with special layers (such as slides, string noise and guitar palm mutes).

The sounds include multi-sampled acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, cellos and vintage hardware synths. There are hundreds of presets covering drums, percussion, pads and FX. All samples have been hand edited by Manytone. The natural instrument samples have captured each note's full decay without any looping.

For more information, visit their web site at