The new Audio plug-in supplies new ways of playing with loops, including real-time audio time stretching and hot swapping in Maschine 2.7 software.

December 19, 2017, Berlin, Germany — Native Instruments releases the Maschine 2.7 software update, available free to all Maschine 2 customers.

The update introduces the Audio plug-in – bringing a number of highly anticipated audio features to Maschine for the first time, including real- time time stretching, on the fly hot swapping and innovative new ways of playing with loops, all in Maschine’s acclaimed fast workflow.


Maschine users now get real-time time stretching, meaning pre-cut loops are always in time with their project. Users simply drop in a loop and it automatically adjusts to the project tempo.

Maschine 2.7 adds the ability to hot swap loops on the fly. New loops are auditioned in the context of the project, including any effects chains, so users hear them exactly as they’ll sound in their track – building and swapping loops without ever stopping the music.

Also included in the update is Gate mode, an innovative new way of playing loops. Loops play through when users hit the pads, or they can ‘chop’ the loop by drumming where they want to hear it. Gate mode also lets users change the melody of the loop by playing the pads up and down the scale. The pitch shifts where midi notes are played – producing new melodies and opening up endless creative possibilities.


Maschine 2.7 is the first in a series of updates which, in the coming months, will integrate audio into Maschine’s workflow.

Maschine MK3 owners also get new firmware that allows them to adjust hardware preferences directly from the MK3. This includes: Pad, screen and button brightness; audio and midi routing; pad sensitivity; headphone and main out routing. Plus, choice of a range of velocity curves for controlling pad responsiveness.

Pricing and Availability

Maschine 2.7 is available free for Maschine 2 owners via Native Access.

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