Massenburg Parametric EQ Comes to V-Studio Platform

Roland has announced the release of the Massenburg Hi Resolution Parametric EQ Plug In. In the winter of 2004 the company announced that it would, for the first time, open up its V-Studio platform to outside plug-in developers via the VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board, giving V-Studio users access to both Roland plug-ins and optional 3rd party plug-ins.
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With the release of the Massenburg Hi Resolution Parametric EQ, V-Studio owners now have a Hi-Resolution EQ as an integral component of your VS system. The new MDW Parametric EQ for Roland VS-Series is a Double Precision plug-in with fast response and smoothness, especially in the high frequency audio spectrum.

Roland Product Manager Vince LaDuca relates, "The plug-in, which take use of the Roland VS8F-3 processing card, is a four band, fully parametric equalizer that processes the audio at 88.2 KHz and 96 KHz, even if the audio is at lower rates. This provides a much more elegant result that doesn't suffer from the normal artifacts associated with standard techniques. The result is a more natural and pleasing sound that reminds users of great analog processing, only better."

To add plug-in processing to a V-Studio, users must purchase an optional VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board and update their V-Studio's software. The plug-ins will be immediately available for the top-of-the-line VS-2480-Series, VS-2400CD and the new VS-2000CD.

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