Mayer Hawthorne & 14KT Form Jaded Incorporated

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Jaded Inc. featuring Modern alternative soul troubadour and critical sensation Mayer Hawthorne and longtime friend + collaborator 14KT, premiere their latest track “Monster” on PRESS HERE to listen.

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The track, which is featured on the duo’s upcoming album The Big Knock (out June 17th), is the only song on the album they did not produce themselves.

“The production relies on an unreleased track from late Detroit beat legend, J Dilla (our favorite Producer),” says Jaded Inc.

You can pre-order the album now via iTunes and receive a free download of the first single “Coconut Sofa” and the latest track “People Change,” PRESS HERE. For Record Store Day, Jaded Inc. released a glow-in-the-dark triangle vinyl featuring “People Change” and “Black Future” limited to 1,000 pieces. Check with your local retailer and for stores participating.

The Big Knock Track Listing
1. Black Future
2. Monster
3. Come Down
4. Sincerely Nestor
5. Coconut Sofa
6. Cubicle
7. Half Moon Bar O
8. Quantum Entanglement
9. Sincerely Nemis
10. Faded Photograph
11. People Change
12. The Big Knock

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Vine – Jaded Incorporated