McDSP Announces Customizable EQ Feature in LouderLogic 2.0

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McDSP is proud to announce LouderLogic – the Advanced Audio Player is now featuring a customizable 4-band parametric equalizer, allowing users to engage in an all-new listening experience. With the McDSP EQ, you get the highest quality interactive EQ for your iOS device, along with the ability to customize and tweak to your heart's content. The customizable EQ includes an automated clip control feature, preventing all unwanted distortion.

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New features include:
• McDSP quality 4-band parametric EQ (includes presets)
• Easy to drag EQ curves (control boost/cut, frequency, and Q (bandwidth))
• New Spectrum Animation Mode (shows audio signal animated behind album artwork)

• Full Screen Spectrum Animation Mode (click on album artwork to make it full screen, then swipe to get to next song)

To learn more about LouderLogic, please visit for more information.