McDSP Extends 50% Off Boxed Product Special

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Have you taken advantage of the 50% off Boxed Product special yet? If not, you're in luck, McDSP has extended this special through March 31, 2012. Remember, this special is available only through dealers.

Boxed products include Emerald Pack, Classic Pack, Retro Pack and Project Studio! All boxes include specialized green McDSP iLoks, and the Project Studios include the all new iLok2!

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Emerald Pack HD - $1199 (savings of $796)

Emerald Pack Native - $899 (savings of $596)

Classic Pack HD - $429 (savings of $266)

Classic Pack Native - $249 (savings of $146)

Retro Pack HD - $299 (savings of $196)

Retro Pack Native - $199 (savings of $150)

Project Studio - $89 (savings of $40)

Offer valid through March 31, 2012. Again, this offer is only available when purchased directly through your local dealer!
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