Mesanovic Microphones Releases Model 2AS Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone

Model 2AS Stereo Ribbon Microphone Combines Mesanovic Motor Design and Active Circuitry.
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Model 2AS stereo ribbon microphone combines Mesanovic motor design and active circuitry. 

Detroit, Michigan, USA: Mesanovic Microphones announces the release of the Model 2AS active stereo ribbon microphone. The Model 2AS utilizes the same design features found in the Model 2S and offers the same unique sonic character. The microphone contains Mesanovic’s signature motor structure and custom designed resonator plates to provide the incredibly extended, detailed, and 3D-like response found in the Model 2, 2S, and 2A.

"The Model 2AS is the sum of everything we have done so far, as a company,” says Deni Mesanovic, founder of Mesanovic Microphones. “It features our trademark ‘hi-fi’ ribbon sound that originated in the Model 2 and combines the stereo functionality of the Model 2S with the active, high-output, low-noise features of the Model 2A. The result is a stereo ribbon mic that will work in every recording situation with any preamp."

The Model 2AS’s high output is provided by custom, in-house wound, toroidal transformers. These high turns ratio transformers are perfectly matched to the ribbon elements of the Model 2AS to provide optimal performance. The phantom powered electronics work as an impedance buffer and provide no additional gain or coloration to the sound. The result of this ideal impedance matching is 13dB more output than the Model 2S and extremely low self-noise.

With its high output level, the Model 2AS will work perfectly with any preamplifier. Whether using an entry-level interface or a high-end dedicated preamp, the Model 2AS delivers stunning results. The Model 2AS shines on orchestral and choral recordings where low noise and high output is needed and is ideal for string sections, horn sections, piano, acoustic guitar, and so much more.

In a Blumlein or M-S stereo configuration, the microphone's uniform polar frequency response and excellent off-axis frequency response will provide you with outstanding phase coherent stereo recordings. Solid phase compatibility between the two channels of the Model 2AS also allows the user to combine the two channels into a mono recording without any phase artifacts.

The Model 2AS is covered by a lifetime parts warranty and a free re-ribboning for the original owner within two years of purchase. The microphone ships with a heavy-duty waterproof case, shock mount, protective pouch, and a 30-foot 5-pin XLR female to dual 3-pin XLR male breakout cable.

Now shipping, the Model 2AS has an estimated street price of $2499USD.

Learn more about the Mesanovic Model 2AS features and specifications here: MODEL 2AS

About Mesanovic Microphones
Mesanovic Microphones is a Detroit, Michigan-based manufacturer of precision-machined, hand-assembled, ribbon microphones with extended frequency response. Their first commercial product was the Model 1 microphone preamp, released in 2013.

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