Metric Halo Announces SpectraFoo Released for OS X

Metric Halo has announced that SpectraFoo Standard and SpectraFoo Complete Version 4.0 are now shipping and in general release for Mac OS X. This release includes the standalone versions of the software, plug-in versions are scheduled to be released at a later date.

SpectraFoo is a world-class signal metering and analysis suite with tools for power, phase, spectrum, and history analysis for broadcast, studio, and live sound applications. The SpectraFoo Standard Edition includes basic, sample-accurate metering, triggerable waveform display, power balancing and phase analysis on up to 24 input or output channels. SpectraFoo Complete adds sample code metering tools, a recording, playback, looping & static analysis system, signal generator, and a complete transfer function measurement system.

Version 4.0 of SpectraFoo includes many new features designed around the strength of Mac OS X. These features include: support for Open GL rendering, Unicode UTF-8 text encoding for localization language support, and many performance enhancements for window set recall, increased screen redraw and refresh capabilities, and user configurable key commands for workflow enhancement. This is the most stable release of SpectraFoo yet, and users can expect robust performance on operating systems 10.2.8, 10.3.9, and 10.4.x.

This software is available now from Metric Halo Authorized Dealers or directly from Metric Halo and can be downloaded from Metric Halo's secure webstore at .

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