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Expanding its popular Perception mic series, AKG''s new Perception Live line of dynamic mics includes the P3 (cardioid) and P5 (supercardioid) handheld vocal mics, and the cardioid P2 and P4 mics for instrument miking.
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AKG Perception Live Series
Expanding its popular Perception mic series, AKG''s new Perception Live line of dynamic mics includes the P3 (cardioid) and P5 (supercardioid) handheld vocal mics, and the cardioid P2 and P4 mics for instrument miking. The P2 is intended for extreme low-frequency/high-level sources, such as bass, horns and drums and handles 157dB SPLs. Designed for onstage use, all Perception Live mics feature rugged metal casings, tough spring steel grilles and scratch-resistant stage black finishes.
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AKG Updates C 747 V11
AKG''s new C 747 V11 condenser “pencil microphone” features an enhanced hypercardioid polar pattern offering improved off-axis rejection for ambient noise and feedback control in difficult environments, along with a fine-tuned frequency response for improved spoken-word presence. Also new is a switchable LF roll-off filter and integrated RFI shielding to screen interference from mobile phones and wireless mics. The c747 V11 ships with a shockmount/adapter, mini gooseneck, stand adapter, mounting clamp, thread link and windscreen.
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Audio-Technica AT4080 and AT4081
Audio-Technica unveils its first ribbon mics, the AT4080 and AT4081. These hand-built, rugged side-address mics are active ribbon designs, with onboard phantom-powered electronics that brings their output to near-condenser levels, for use with any pro preamp. Both the larger AT4080 and low-profile AT4081 feature powerful grade N50 neodymium magnets and innovative dual ribbon construction for smooth bidirectional response with high SPL handling. A-T''s patent-pending MicroLinear™ ribbon design minimizes lateral flexing for durable performance and freedom from ribbon distortion. The AT8040 lists at $1,245, with shockmount, dust cover and carrying case; the AT4081 is $895, with isolation clamp mount and windscreen.
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Audio-Technica AT4047MP Multipattern Condenser Mic
The AT4047MP delivers vintage sound in a multipattern design with selectable omnidirectional, cardioid and figure-8 polar patterns. The microphone''s transformer-coupled output and specially tuned element provide sonic characteristics reminiscent of early FET studio microphone designs. With a wide dynamic range, incredibly low self-noise and high-SPL capability, this versatile microphone excels on vocals, strings, acoustic guitar, instrument ensembles, small vocal groups and voice-overs.
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Audix FP5 Fusion Drum Mics
Designed for miking a five-piece kit, the FP5 Fusion Drum Pack ($559 MSRP) features a new series of Audix dynamic mics: the F6 for kick, the F5 for snare and three F2s for rack and floor toms. Each mic has a snap-to-fit DCLIP stand adapter, and the entire system is packaged in a heavy-duty, custom aluminum carrying case. Options include rim and lug mounts, right-angle XLR cables and the STAND-KD pedestal stand for the kick drum mic.
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Blue Microphones encore 100
The enCORE 100 is a studio-grade handheld cardioid dynamic mic designed to deliver exceptional performance in any application. The enCORE 100''s Aria dynamic capsule is specially tuned by Blue''s capsule engineers to deliver natural vocals, balanced highs and amazing detail and clarity. The unique, durable finishes, and high quality craftsmanship guarantee your enCORE mic will deliver a lifetime of great performances.
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Blue Microphones Yeti
Blue Microphones releases the first THX-certified microphone. The Yeti USB condenser mic builds on the technology featured in Blue''s Snowball. It adds an amplified headphone output with volume control for zero-latency monitoring, a mic-gain control and a mute button. Most importantly, its triple-capsule array accommodates four pattern modes: omni, cardioid, stereo and bidirectional. The Yeti features driverless installation on both Mac and PC, and it comes with an adjustable desktop stand. It is designed for diverse applications ranging from recording podcasts and interviews to capturing your band''s instruments and vocals onstage or in the studio.
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CAD Audio E100S
Engineered and built in the USA, the E100S large diaphragm supercardioid condenser has the lowest noise floor in its class (3.7 dBA) and the smooth, vintage tone and robust low-end CAD is known for. The bootstrapped, full differential Quadra-FET™ front-end delivers high sensitivity and low distortion, plus CAD''s proprietary circuitry ensures the highest performance. The nickel-plated 1-inch capsule delivers accurate phasing on instruments, and a full rich vocal tone, accentuated by the extended low frequency response. Vintage woodgrain cherry case and stealth shockmount included.
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CharterOak S700
The S700 is a front-address, cardioid solid-state condenser mic, delivered in a fight case with shock mount and is extremely well suited for broadcast applications. The S700, like all CharterOak products, features extremely rigid construction and a clean, simple electronic design. The CharterOak S 700 uses the side-terminated 1-inch gold-sputtered Mylar S-3 type capsule, pure Class-A head amplifier and a custom made output transformer. Its rich and particularly non-sibilant EQ, and cardioid pattern make it a perfect choice for broadcast applications. The result is clean and rich voice sound without harshness or sibilance. With its detailed sound and higher output level, it offers an excellent alternative to standard dynamic broadcast mics.
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Da-Cappo DA15 Earset Mic With Earbud Monitor
Distributed throughout the Americas by Hosa Technology, the Da-Cappo DA15 cardioid earset microphone with earbud monitor combines a discrete earset microphone with an in-ear monitor. Ideal for both live sound and interruptible feedback (IFB) use, the microphone''s back-electret condenser capsule has a sensitivity rating of -51 dB and a maximum SPL rating of 130 dB, making it well-suited for vocal performers who find themselves in loud performance surroundings. The dual-driver earbud offers a frequency response of 20 to 20k Hz, with a sensitivity rating of 102 dB. The DA15 incorporates a hypoallergenic ear cushion for long-wearing comfort.
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DPA Microphones 4099 Instrument Mic
Representing years of R&D, the 4099 condenser mics feature a supercardioid polar pattern for superior gain-before-feedback. Capable of handling any acoustic instrument''s dynamic range, they live up to their pedigree with sound as accurate as DPA''s other world-class mics. The mounting system will never mar the instrument''s finish and can be easily repositioned with only one hand. The 4099 is truly a musician''s mic without equal.
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Earthworks PM40T Touring PianoMic System
Based on the company''s highly successful PM40 piano microphone system, the new PM40T Touring PianoMic System promises the sonic performance of its sibling while offering quick, simple and easy setup. The heart of this innovative system is two random-incidence, omnidirectional, 40kHz high-definition microphones. The two mics are said to provide incredible gain before feedback because the microphones are positioned very close to the sound source and are within the soundfield of the piano. The PM40T''s adjustable, telescoping tube is supported by the sides of the piano case, facilitating flexible placement of the microphones close to or away from the dampers—facing toward or away from the keyboard—enabling one to achieve exactly the sound characteristics most appropriate to any particular application.
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Heil Sound PR 28
The PR 28 is the small but mighty dynamic mic that, with the optional HH-1, clips on tom rims, providing performance unrivaled by conventional small clip-ons. The PR 28 is capable of handling high SPL and provides smooth response. Can also be used on horns or other instruments.
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JZ Microphones Vintage V47
JZ Microphones introduces the first microphone in JZ Vintage Series, V47, giving users a great microphone with the legendary U47 sound, a unique double capsule and great designed microphone with a smart shock-mounting system. The V47 vintage mic features original design in a flask shape, built-in shock-mounting system, swivel mount that works as a perfect positioning option, double-diaphragm capsule, golden drops sputtering technology on capsule, improved electronics, five-year warranty and the feel of vintage sound.
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LR Baggs Anthem
The Anthem is a microphone/pickup system that captures the very essence of your guitar with high feedback resistance. For the Anthem, we used no modeling, no illusions, it's not "like" a mic, it; not "like" your guitar. This is a mic, and what you will experience is your guitar, loud and with the fidelity and dynamics that come from a real microphone.
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Mitek C7 Large-Diaphragm Multipattern FET Condenser
MK7 dual 1-inch capsule, 4-micron Mylar, evaporated-gold diaphragms. Cardioid, omni and bi-directional pick-up patterns. Highpass filter and -10dB pad switches. Variable capsule bias voltage. AMI T7 transformer. Individual serialized frequency response graph. Wood presentation case with swivel-mount, shock-mount and rugged aluminum carrying case.
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Mojave Audio MA-101fet
Our new small-diaphragm solid-state condenser combines the cardioid and omni capsules from our MA-100 with the electronics from our MA-201fet. Max headroom combines with an internal -15dB pad for handling severe dynamics—from flute to dragsters. Retail: $595.
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MXL Microphones'' V89 is a large-diaphragm condenser mic with a custom design that minimizes body resonance and a tuned grille cavity to help eliminate standing waves and reduce harmonic distortion. The fixed-cardioid pattern V89 has a gold-sputtered diaphragm and offers high sensitivity and low-noise circuitry. Retail is $599, with three-year warranty, wood case and shockmount.
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Neumann TLM 102
Now shipping, Neumann''s TLM 102 large-diaphragm condenser offers 143dB SPL handling and small form-factor body for tight placements; street pricing is around $700. In the interior is a newly developed large-diaphragm capsule (cardioid) with a maximum SPL of 144 dB, which permits the recording of percussion, drums, amps and other very loud sound sources. However the most important applications are for vocals and speech; a slight boost above 6 kHz provides excellent presence of the voice in the overall mix. The TLM 102 is available in black and nickel.
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Rycote InVision USM
Rycote's InVision USM is an affordable universal mic suspension for large-diaphragm recording microphones. The InVision Universal Studio Mount (or USM) has been designed to provide an alternative to elastic suspensions and will fit any high-quality mic from 18mm to 55mm in diameter, including large-diaphragm models and those with flat-sided and tapered barrels. With no elastic or rubber parts, the USM suspension does not need rethreading, and because the lyres are made of the composite material Hytrel, they are virtually unbreakable. Best of all, the modern design and materials used create a mount that isolates the microphone more efficiently from handling and stand-borne noise. In the U.S., the USM and TLM mounts are available via Redding Audio, retailing at $119.95 each.
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sE Electronics RNR1
The sE Rupert Neve Ribbon mic—the first of several collaborations due out in 2010—was released earlier in 2009 to huge critical acclaim and is fast becoming an industry “must-have” mic. It's unique in being the only ribbon on the market whose frequency response range can be said to match that of a condenser mic, thereby making it the first ribbon to be a true all-rounder, yet still retaining the naturalness of ribbon mic characteristics.
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Sennheiser e 965
The evolution e 965 from Sennheiser is the first large-diaphragm, true condenser, handheld vocal microphone to feature an innovative dual-diaphragm capsule. Both cardioid and supercardioid polar patterns are accessible with a flip of a switch. Other features include a low-cut switch, switchable pre-attenuation (-10 dB), excellent moisture protection and a 10-year warranty.
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Shure KSM313
Although it is more commonly associated with dynamic and condenser mics, Shure also has a long history of manufacturing ribbon mics. The company has now decided to continue the Crowley and Tripp Naked Eye ribbon mic, which it acquired from Soundwave Research Laboratories, in its KSM Series. The KSM313''s ($1,295) Roswellite ribbon boasts higher tensile strength and more resilient shape memory than foil ribbons. That makes it suitable for high-SPL applications such as close-miked drums and guitar cabinets. A Dual-Voice ribbon motor-unit assembly lets you choose between the warm, full sound (front) best for instruments and the bright, accurate sound (rear) better for vocals. The KSM313 is hand-assembled in the U.S., and it comes with a mahogany case and monocle swivel mount.
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Telefunken R-F-T AR-51
The AR-51 expands Telefunken's line of affordable R-F-T tube mics and uses the same circuit design as the classic Telefunken ELA M 251E. The new R-F-T AR-51 uses only premium components, including a vintage NOS tube. The circuit board has been designed for superior current handling, permitting the amplifier to have full access to the necessary "power on demand" for handling low-frequency and transient information. Modifications have been made to the amplifier circuit to optimize the performance of the capsule and a signal path that includes the same European-manufactured output transformer found in every ELA M 251 E built since 1960. The microphone is especially suitable for recording acoustic and electric guitars, piano, percussion, for drum overheads and close-miked drums, as well as for both male and female vocals.
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