Microsoft Windows XP

Objective: Never have to say “Damn! I should have backed up right after that session!” because, thanks to this tip, you remembered to do a quick data backup to CD-ROM. Background: Although there are many commercial programs you can buy to back up your data, you can use the free, easy to use CD burner that’s bundled with Windows XP.

1. Insert a blank, recordable CD into your recordable CD drive, then double-click on “My Computer.”

2. Double-click on the CD drive icon.

3. A blank window opens up, indicating that there’s nothing on the CD. Right-click in the blank space, and select Properties.

4. Click on the recording tab, make sure that “Enable CD recording on this drive” is checked, then select the desired write speed.

5. Select the files you want to back up, and drag them over to the CD-R drive window. Release the mouse button, and a window opens that indicates the copy progress.

6. Go to the File menu, and select “Write These Files to CD.”

7. Follow the Wizard to complete the process.