Microsonic Labs Launches Microsonic Music

Microsonic Inc., founded in 1964 is recognized as one of the world's leading full service custom hearing product laboratories with over a half-century of experience. Microsonic has kept pace with the technological growth of the industry through the years pioneering many new technologies like their new prototyping lab, to bring an enhanced quality of sound to hearing instrument wearers. Broader-band transducers and sophisticated circuitry, all in ultra-miniature packaging with greater durability, have resulted in better hearing instruments. Microsonic has also been sought out as a consultant and designer for products for military, industrial, health care and professional audio applications.

A natural extension of Microsonic’s expertise is the birth of Microsonic Music to offer a line of quality products for musicians and the music industry. Microsonic Music combines the latest in broadband drivers that have emerged from the hearing aid industry with sophisticated circuitry and precision molded ear sleeves for a perfect fit and the ultimate listening experience!

Microsonic Music brings their technology and experience to a new market for musicians and music lovers beginning with the EPIC™ line of in-ear personal monitors. All Microsonic Music products are designed and built in the USA at their new research and manufacturing facility outside Pittsburgh, PA.

For more information on Microsonic Music, see www.microsonicmusic.com.