Millennia Media Introduces HDOE and HROE Output Expansion Options at SF AES

Millennia Music & Media Systems introduced their HDOE and HROE output expansion options for the HV-3D and HV-3R eight-channel mic preamps at the San Francisco AES show

Both output expansion options provide an additional two buffered outputs per mic channel for a total of three outputs for each microphone. The expanded outputs are on a pair of DB-25 connectors wired to the industry-standard Tascam format. Eight channels are on each connector.

The extra outputs are ideal for providing splits for live, broadcast and recording feeds without resorting to transformers. They can also be used when tracking to record a clean version, a version sent through processing and safety copy at approximately 12 dB below the standard level to prevent digital overs.

The output stages are identical to the HV-3’s. They are capable of driving difficult loads, such as hundreds of meters of cable, with full sonic integrity. “Sound so open, you can drive a remote truck with it.”

The HROE option is field-installable in the HV-3R remote-controllable mic preamp. HV-3Ds can be ordered with the HDOE as a factory-installed option. Existing HV-3Ds can be returned to Millennia to have the option installed.


Millennia products are a first choice for critical acoustic recording and live sound applications — a recognized standard for classical music, worldwide. In use by a who’s who of top artists (Pavarotti, Three Tenors, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, Sarah McLachlan, Shania Twain….), used to record most Hollywood feature filmscores (Star Wars 1 & 2, Titanic, hundreds of others….), embraced by demanding acoustic music engineers and producers (Telarc, Sony Classical, Harmonia Mundi, Chesky, Koch, BMG….), specified by key audio manufacturers for R&D and demonstration (Shure, BLUE, Royer, DPA, Josephson, MXL, Dolby, Bose, D’Addario), found in major broadcast networks around the globe, and installed into the world’s greatest symphony and opera halls (L.A., N.Y., Berlin, S.F., Seattle, Dallas, Cleveland, Israel, Baltimore, Houston, Prague, La Scalla, Kennedy Center, French National Conservatory…), Millennia gear remains a top choice of respected audio professionals. Millennia Media was founded, and remains today, as a remote recording firm specializing in classical and critical acoustic recording. The HV-3 mic preamp, a mainstay of our manufacturing business, was conceived and designed over a period of years and continues today as one of the audio industry’s respected mic amps. Over 25,000 channels of HV-3 preamps are now installed.

See the Millennia website ( for a comprehensive listing of key-users, technical specifications, news, reviews, awards, white papers, and more.