Minisite Launched for the Radial Engineering Stagebug SB-15 Tailbone

Product Information and Downloadable User Guide
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Vancouver BC - Radial Engineering Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of the StageBug SB-15 Tailbone high performance signal buffer minisite on

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Radial President Peter Janis: "Once again we offer the full story on one of our products from development to market. The SB-15 Tailbone is designed to sit at the beginning of the signal chain and drive multiple pedals without adding any noise. That's often an issue with high impedance circuits. It has the same award winning class-A buffer that is in the Radial JD7 which is used by guitarists including Steve Vai, John Petrucci and Steve Lukather."

On the product pages you will find information on: product features, development, tips on using and frequently asked questions.

Each Radial minisite also offers a downloadable user guide and a convenient link for visitors to send in a question about the product if they have a situation specific inquiry.

For more information: Radial StageBug SB-15 mini-site